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Spiritual Master, spiritual teacher

Enlightened guidance on spiritual path

Spiritual guidance This is the support service for those who feel to have run into impasse or insolvable difficulties in their lives. The goal is to reestablish the connection to the unique spiritual life-plan the individual carries in his/her soul-consciousness for the incarnation. The process is for gaining self-knowledge, and eventually realizing one's real self and surrendering to its guidance.

This opens up the opportunity to collaborate consciously with the directing purpose operating from the background of ones's ordinary day-consciousness - instead of loosing one's time and life-energy by fighting against it, or orienting oneself (due to lack of understanding) away from its liberating purpose - which usually lead to exhaustion, and feelings of meaninglessness, depression and despair.

With Matti Ylén you have genuine, and truly enlightened guidance based on his unique personal experience of facing the lower self and realizing the real Self in the midst of the tests and challenges of his ordinary human life. Also, Matti Ylén has an experience of more than 10 years of spiritual teaching, guidance and therapy - both as a psychologist and spiritual teacher.

Upon request he will also come to organized events to teach his way of spiritual liberation, enlightenment, and ascension.